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MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: VON GREY Renders A Stunning Vision of Loneliness in “6 AM”

Sisters Annika, Fiona, and Kathryn of VON GREY score a ten out of ten in the multi-disciplinary approach to their latest single, “6 AM,” which requires a 360-degree understanding of lyrical depth, multi-instrumental production, harmonic vocals, and as of today, visual accompaniment, to fully appreciate the track at hand. - Yasmin Damoui

Indie Shuffle: VON GREY return with the slightly more pop infused follow-up, "6 AM."

Having impressed with the dark tones of "Poison In The Water," Atlanta's VON GREY return with the slightly more pop infused follow-up, "6 AM."


While the use of strings gives the track a melancholic edge, the vibrant synths and rhythmic percussion give "6 AM" a surprisingly uplifting feel. Then there's the sisters' vocals, with the three's harmonies bringing a sense of seclusion and despair to an otherwise pop-friendly track.  - Tobias Handke

VON GREY: Three Sisters Making Ethereal Pop

Ethereal and catchy don't often make a perfect pair within pop music, but the combination is exactly what hooked me on VON GREY, an Atlanta trio formed by the siblings Kathryn, Annika and Fiona von Grey. - Bob Boilen

Paste Sessions: Watch Von Grey Perform Haunting New Songs at Paste

“We’re very into aesthetics,” said Annika. “We kind of take visual inspiration and it turns into sonic inspiration at times. So we have a lot of musical cornerstones in our inspirational journey. We listen to a lot of Ben Harper and Cat Stevens, and very amazing lyricists and singer-songwriters. And then we’re also huge fans of, like, Lord of the Rings. So it’s a weird thing where we like ethereal, beautiful things, and we also like to write things that resonate with ourselves on a personal level.”

The VON GREY sisters return with the dramatic and ritualistic “Poison In The Water”

Drawing inspiration from mysticism and the complexities of the human experience, Von Grey introduce their exciting new track "Poison In The Water". -  Jio Jared Canlas

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