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Atlanta-based alt-rock group VON GREY is anything but a stereotypical pop trio. Made up of classically trained sisters Annika, Fiona, and Kathryn  – VON GREY takes a multi-instrumental approach to deliver cinematic, imagery laden dark electronic-based music.


Their alternative anthems, driven by unapologetically pop hooks, have been described by Pop Matters as, "strange, ethereal pop music, unencumbered by genre."  Drawing inspiration from mysticism and the complexities of the human experience, VON GREY’s lyrics and melodies play with a delicate balance of the ethereal and the carnal.  

The band’s signature blend of classical instrumentation, three part harmony, dark synths, and thought provoking lyrics has been critically acclaimed, with writing “VON GREY has made a huge impact on the music world with their multi-instrumental approach and hauntingly infectious songwriting.” 


von grey
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